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Welcome to the GoggleboxTech blog. We will be starting our business in about a month, offering households in the area everything they need to receive TV, from the familiar aerials and satellite dishes, to the broadband and Wi-Fi needed for modern catch-up and on-demand services. Just to be clear: we don't sell TVs or broadband, but we offer a full service from erecting aerials to connecting audio-visual equipment, installing multi-room distribution systems and giving advice on a number of topics. We are familiar with the needs of the elderly and people with sight and hearing problems, so why not ask?

We also offer a service for your computer and laptop needs, from repairs, upgrades and maintenance to installing network cables and troubleshooting Wi-Fi connections.

This combination of competencies gives us a unique insight into an industry that is changing rapidly, not only on the technical side, as we transition from over-the-air broadcast to over-the-Internet download, but is also changing in terms of how the audience views content. The single big TV screen is giving way to a host of smaller screens, and we no longer exclusively view programmes as they are broadcast, but record or use on-demand and catch-up services to get our entertainment. We are well positioned to guide you and help you make the most of all the opportunities available to enhance your enjoyment – and the best tips aren't always what you would expect!

Anyway, this blog isn't supposed to be an advertisement – you will find plenty of that elsewhere on this site – but it is a space for me to sound off on topics related to my work and maybe give you some useful information or food for thought. It will be regularly updated, so please keep calling back and feel free to comment.

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