Computer and Network

With years of experience in the IT industry, GoggleboxTech is a safe choice for your computer needs. We offer:

  • PC and laptop advice and repairs
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Virus removal
  • Windows 10 upgrades
  • Diagnosis and resolution of WiFi problems
  • Connecting Smart TVs and set top boxes to the Internet
  • Network cabling
  • and much more.

Can we recommend our comprehensive health check? Allow us to check your Windows computer or laptop for virus and malware infections, improve its performance, ensure you are protected against infections and attacks, and make any recommendations required.

We can also make sure your computer is set up to regularly back up your precious data and ensure you can quickly recover from any mishap or breakdown.

  • Why not let us help you with your purchasing decisions? Buying a computer is expensive and surrounded by technical jargon. What are the important factors and what do those figures quoted in the advertisements really mean for performance? Often, it is the figures the shop doesn't tell you that are the ‘gotchas’. Would you be better off buying online or in a shop?
  • Let us help you get more life and use out of your old machine, either by a cost effective upgrade or suggesting a new rôle for it, such as a backup server. Or we can renew the ‘innards’ of an old PC to save buying a whole new one.
  • Personalised advice on backing up your data and preparing for disasters, including installing and configuring free software to run automatically.
  • Antivirus and data security.
  • If you would like to learn more about any aspect of computing, whether it is using email, editing photos or anything else, we offer patient one-to-one and small group tuition in your home. Enjoyable, short, easy to manage sessions with revision notes to refer to afterwards. Get more from your computer investment!

Use the Contact page or ring 07766 985 029 to enquire how we can help, with no obligation.

Struggling to get used to Windows 10? Install Open Shell to restore the Windows 7 menu.

Health Check Ensure your computer is running smoothly and you are safe £60.00
Virus removal £50.00
BackupConfigure backups, perform first system backup ¹£40.00
Install OSInc. standard setup£60.00
Home TuitionOne-to-one or couple per hour£30.00
¹ You supply media or purchase external disc.