Free DAB Radios for Over 70s in Need

Andrew Rowland | 1 Apr 2020 | 0 comments

BBC local radio is teaming up with manufacturers, retailers and a loneliness charity to offer free DAB radios to the most vulnerable people aged over 70.

According to the BBC, the initiative

... comes as millions of people are forced to stay in their homes and isolate from their friends and families because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Radio is a vital source of news, information and companionship in these unprecedented times and BBC local radio wants to ensure as many people as possible have access to it.

So it will be giving away DAB digital radios to people nominated by local radio listeners. It’s part of the BBC’s ‘Make A Difference’ campaign, which was launched in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. It is running across all 39 BBC local radio stations in England and is aimed at connecting communities.

Listeners can nominate a person via an online form. More details at

DAB radios are digital radios, but usually also incorporate an FM tuner. The advantages of DAB are that it is easy to use – you select stations from a menu or at the press of a button – and offers a wider choice of stations than FM. On the downside, sound quality is often worse than FM, but you would only notice if you listen on a HiFi. On the ‘kitchen’ radios offered here, that is not an issue.

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